The inputs, particularly from renowned academics, public intellectuals, members of the ANC, the alliance, and importantly ordinary people at grassroots level are particularly appreciated. This does not however mean that there were no detractors, who sought to divert our attention from the strategic questions raised in the perspective. Now the input by Comrade Joel Netshitenzhe is not part of detractors, but represents a conservative ideological wave in the ANC. This ideological wave oddly believes that some of the tactical retreats taken upon transition by the ANC-led liberation movement constituted total capitulation. This ideological wave begun from the premise that the colonial economy and spatial development patterns did not need to be radically changed, but polished with a hollow hope that it might make today better than yesterday. This ideological wave underpinned the adoption of the Growth, Employment and Redistribution GEAR strategy, which achieved some level of fiscal stability, yet dismally failed to achieve its own strategic objectives-mainly economic growth levels, investments and creation of jobs.

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According to a newspaper report, Mathale called for the nationalisation of mines at a Freedom Day celebration on Friday, and rejected claims that it would chase away investors. We need as this generation of youth a documsnt defined programme, which will empower young people with military skills and capacity so that they are able to contribute to conflict resolution, peacekeeping and humanitarian work across the world, but also be in a position to defend South Africa at all times.

For Nationalisation to happen, the discussion document we adopted out of this Lekgotla specifically proposes the following. As revolutionary activists, we have a responsibility to appreciate the significance of national security and must always be on guard to defend the hard won freedom and democracy and fight crime in communities.

Why did the investors not leave when President Robert Mugabe implemented his economic policies? Julius Malema South Africa. Employees call cops on black hotel guest talking on his cellphone. The World Cup will be a successful activity and all South Africans will play a role. Read next on IOL. This will ensure that we make a positive contribution towards building a non-racial, democratic, non-sexist South Africa. Whilst appreciating our participation in the International Union of Socialist Youth, we should take a conscious decision to revive and strengthen our participation in WFDY, because that is where our ideas of a just society are properly and uncompromisingly expressed.

Top Camps Bay businessmen hired security firm. Nationalisation call inspiring: ANCYL The Ntaionalisation Charter guides out programme towards Nationalisation of Mines, but we specifically emphasise the following reasons why nationalisation should happen:.

Importantly, the State Owned Mining Company should attract the best of skills, expertise and knowledge on how best minerals are extracted, produced, beneficiated and traded for the mineral resources in South Africa. Presenting his political report during the first day of the five day congress on Thursday, Malema spoke extensively about mine nationalisation and land redistribution. This therefore calls upon the youth to have the necessary discipline and patriotism and appreciate that humanity should be protected and given dignity at all times.

Art and the question of offence. The Lekgotla appreciated nationslisation fact that the origination has grown significantly and since we took office inand further mandated us to ensure that we increase our recruitment campaign in order to reach a million in as we approach the centenary of the ANC. Even if the Constitution were changed to allow nationalisation of mines without compensation, there would be a near collapse of foreign investment and access to finance, and litigation by foreign investors.

Report lays bare hijack, murder and rape horror of ex-EFF man. The State should adopt nattionalisation Expropriation Model, which will specify how the State wncyl expropriate economic activities with or without compensation. The process to amend the Act should be an open democratic process involving all stakeholders and should happen immediately after the ANC National General Council in September A story of South African Mining as he discusses the history of mining in South Africa and the need to redress inequalities through nationalisation.

Time has come for land reform Bongani Mthembu 18 Jun Minerals Resources refer to all the more than ancyk non-renewable precious, industrial and chemical stones extracted from Mines in South Africa. We will organize workshops across the country to induct our structures on the nationalisation document. Not generalised nationalisation, as it can assume various forms: Want to publish your media releases here? Bongani Mthembu 18 Jun.



Debates on this subject are vexed by the fact that nationalisation takes many different forms. We need to ensure that proposals become more specific about a who would end up owning the assets, b who would manage them, and with what purpose, c what would be the costs to the fiscus and the economy, and d what would be the risks of failure as well as the benefits of success. The Zambian experience with nationalising the mines points to some of the risks. It ended up hiring back the multinational copper companies to manage them. As international copper prices fell, the companies enjoyed guaranteed management fees while the state had to bear the losses to the mines". Nevertheless, the ANC Youth League will consistently bear the patience of explaining and re-explaining the perspective on Nationalisation of Mines to avoid the resurfacing of rhetorical questions because the ANC NGC should not deal with those, but the central questions of when does the State begin to own and control strategic sectors of the economy, in this instance Mines. These include the established mining corporations and recent past beneficiaries of mining activities.



Voran Why did the investors not leave when the apartheid government established Foskor in Phalaborwa? Toggle navigation Toggle profile. Read next on IOL. The Lekgotla appreciated the fact that the origination has grown significantly and since we took office inand further mandated us to ensure that we increase our recruitment campaign in order to reach a million in as we approach the centenary of the ANC. The State should adopt an Expropriation Nationalsiation, which will specify how the State should expropriate economic activities with or without compensation. For Nationalisation to happen, the discussion document we adopted out of this Lekgotla specifically proposes the following.


The document in the first sections deals with research, political and ideological conceptions - with this portion of the document the Union is of the view that there is no need to engage with facts and ideological perspectives that are known and acceptable. What should be engaged with are the sections "Why Mines should be nationalized" and "What is to be done". In the debate, the ANCYL managed to bring back to the discussions and focus of the movement the question of nationalization and the need to have the Freedom Charter as central to the economic policies of the ANC and government. The document however has the following weaknesses: 1. Blackmailing those who differ with the approach or the debate; 2. Ignoring both legislative and policy frameworks dealing with this debate; and 3.

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