Print this article What is it? The Expert Field Medical Badge EFMB is a special skill award for recognition of exceptional competence and outstanding performance by field medical personnel and approved by the Department of the Army on June 18, What has the Army done? The current EFMB implements battlefield scenario and combat lane concepts.

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Gudal Lower your head while drawing your arms into your body, keeping your elbows down and pulling your right leg forward. Engage receiver pivot pin. Remove the protective cover from the needle adapter on the tubing. Secure it on the uninjured side at breast pocket level. Unclamped the IV tubing and adjusted the flow rate. Flush the eyes with water from the canteen, ensuring that the water does not flow from one eye to the other eye.

Casualty will exhibit one or more of the following signs and symptoms. Depress the slide stop allowing the slide to return fully forward. Pull the charging handle all the way back. Punctured the vein into the practice device.

With the other hand, grasp the barrel assembly with the locking block facing up. Decontaminate your skin using the M SDK. Completed all performance measures within 5 minutes. Treat the head injury. When testing the tasks involving the protective mask, if at all possible, all candidates should be tested on the same type of mask.

Every effort will be made to preserve test integrity and continuity. Decontaminate your individual gear and equipment without spreading the contamination and place it on an uncontaminated surface. Performed steps 1a through 1f in 10 seconds. Candidates must navigate the course IAW the task standards.

Initial the far right side of the block. Navigated from the start point, through the intermediate points, in order, to the end point.

Provide a written spot report to chain of command evaluator for testing purposes. Hold the needle at a to degree angle and insert it through the skin.

He or she then signs the statement of and returns it to the TCO within 1 week after destruction is accomplished. Given a standard topographic map, scale 1: He or she completes the statement of receipt and returns it to the TCO within 4 days. Monitored the casualty every minutes. Marked the landing site and identified the touchdown point. Candidates may not use artificial illumination or red-lens flashlight to mark their direction.

Pull the slide and barrel assembly forward Figure a and remove it from the receiver. Inform the evaluator of any malfunction of the carbine during the function check. The lace should hold the rear eyelet firmly against the boot. Most 10 Related.


AMEDD&S PAM 350-10 new

Gajinn Candidates are required to carry all of the equipment in Tableto include the rucksack, to the start point of all lanes, but not during the testing of tasks. Selected the landing site stated the four factors and considerations for each. Priority Normal High Medium Low. To host an EFMB test, the unit must have a minimum of 50 eligible candidates. If using the catheter-over-needle, grasp the hub and with a slight twisting motion fully advance the catheter. Seal the wound scovering the larger wound first with an occlusive dressing.


AMEDDC&S Pam 350-10



Expert Field Medical Badge





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