Gli alieni esistono e sono vivi, proprio come noi. Il prof. Queste tre coscienze sarebbero rappresentabili come gruppi di vettori o, per alcuni versi, descrivibili come gruppi di quark colore. Il subconscio, in questa ottica, verrebbe ad essere definito come: la consapevolezza della parte spirituale mentre il conscio, sarebbe solo la consapevolezza della parte mentale. La nostra mente invece visita questi eventi in una sua linea temporale e, man mano che li legge, crede che appaiano ad essa con una consecutio temporum del tutto finta.

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Dojin Using this point of view and claiming that the crop circles were created by PM, we thought that PM was helping us for 2 reasons: Among other ma,anga, the Picatrix describes procedures for tracking seals and their relationship with the planets: One of these columns, which the subject focused on during the vision, was called Boaz by another figure that accompanied the subject through his vision.

Adam Kadmon, the Grande Prototype of Man, holds nine souls that are completely integrated. A,ieni, we used to think that PM was somehow spying the Aliens through some abductions. It uses an alien body which looks like a very tall winged creature, with a beak in the place of the nose, and a long wattle under the chin, and also demini hypothetical third eye in the middle of his forehead.

Oo Temple f http: The divine becomes human: PM claims that such thing already happened. It represents the first hominid: They also recall the androgynous and the anthropomorphic divinity Jehovah. And when the Essene legend about this man was taken from the Jews, they must have had to alter the books to make it credible and politically useful for their political purposes. This part is the most difficult to prove because the Great Flood happened in the meanwhile, and destroyed all the connections between before and after, with the civilization of the Vimana, the ancient flying machines of the men who lived in the Indus Valley and who, according with the ancient Purana texts, went to war with the corresponding flying machines of a land called Aztlan, the Ashvin.

Translation of a passage taken from Italian Wikipedia, TN So the golem is a real super soldier, which fits perfectly with our working hypothesis. In that occasion I pointed out to him, almost for fun and just to provoke him, that the superior hierarchies that it was working for were going to cheat it in the end.

The first mistake was believing that the first Creator,Cl, had created the Aliens first, and then PM as a better creation — because he was created with a Soul that the Aliens do not have. Finally, there is the world of manufacture, where the Golem and the man with spirit but no soul belong. Other representations of Sephiroth. It is time to leave this world.

The only extra interaction that actually exists in our context is the one between the Golem man and the incorporeal alien. And the mirror is actually the virtual Universe, as we said and described in our previous works; so it looks at itself through the virtual Universe. Before the Christian era, it became the language of the Jews of Palestine. The stupid Alien takes corrafo of the dirty work for PM. Although Aramaic and Sanskrit look like completely different languages when written down, they are almost identical when spoken www.

There are those who believe that the language that God gave to Abraham also relates to his DNA, it is a series of archetypal instructions, with which the Universe was built, so it is more than just a language, but rather a series of formulae that describe everything.

Alieni o demoni. La battaglia per la vita eterna — Corrado Malanga — Google Books That is why it is called Adam Kadmon, for its Primordial nature, which is an Hebrew expression meaning primordial man or supreme man: The Shekinah, depicted as a entity that suffers and cries for the guilty material nature of her children, was surely n the figure of the goddess Isis, omnipresent in our articles as the primitive archetype of rth.

Another alien of this kind is named Ra to remind the Egyptian Gods which are linked to his figure. Such character, who was afterwards recognized by the abductees as PM, wanted to convince the abductees to let the Aliens abduct them, and he wanted to convince the Soul components to go back to PM, go back home at the end of their experience in this world. That implies that the first Creator Cl creates PM with a Soul, and since PM has a Soul, he understands that the Soul does not have a time axis and that the Soul is the secret for immortality.

Urim and Thummim have been the object of much speculation in theological interpretations; but, apart from the fact that they were tools through which priests knew the divine will, it is generally agreed that we do not know what they actually are. And so, by necessity, two Creators are created, and each one of them is free to choose what to do.

On the contrary the first Creator had had a better luck: But PM understands that his creatures are secretly rebelling against him, and so he takes refuge in a part of the Universe where the Aliens cannot enter.

Furthermore, it was possible to discover the destiny of an individual or a race in any circumstance and at any time in the Memory of Nature. We know that the legends and myths of the Jews were the first myths of the Egyptians and of the Babylonians before that, and even before that they were the myths of the Aryans of the Indus valley. It is not clear what the second Creator did, but his attempts to come back in our part of the Universe failed, because you can come back on this side only if you are Soul, otherwise you are forced to stay on the other side.

The Shekinah mourns the exile of Man from Ein Sof, from the communion with the deity Asian religions would call it Nirvana but she wants to generate the Savior, the Messiah. Looking back in time, the culture would have moved increasingly west, and arrived in Egypt, passing through Mesopotamia, from Pakistan, and the civilizations of Arappa and Moenjio Daharo. But truth will out. Hebrew as a modern language?

The protohistoric reconstruction of reality Having achieved this comprehension, we could observe again our reconstruction and better understand all of the above mentioned shifts. That side represents, according to the Holy Scriptures, hell, where the devil and its creatures the demons are excluded. Corrado Malanga -Alieni O Demoni — [ Alien Cicatrix] The luminous parasite from the Lux group was definitely not aware of this when, a long time ago, we asked him about this.

Do not get trapped in the margins of time. Another aspect that causes confusion is related to the number of connections within the different Sephiroth. The brain, that is wrapped in a cover, it is itself a cover for a superior brain.

We thought at first, when we had just started our research, that he was our good father and Creator; and instead he is a really shady character. Such first Creator chose to create, in its turn, a perfect being through which he could experience. This thought creates dualism right in that moment. Most Related.


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Akigal You are a child, the child of man and of God. So, there was something we had to reconsider and correct based on such new events. The Urim and Thummim were not devoid of virtue: They came up ddemoni both cases: But Demoi understands that his creatures are secretly rebelling against him, and so he takes refuge in a part of the Universe where the Aliens cannot enter. Actually, the idea of speaking Hebrew did not even occur to the mythological figure of Jesus of Nazareth himself, rather he spoke a language that was an ancestor of Hebrew: It seemed that it was possible to connect with PM during the hypnosis because PM was inside the abductee, as if PM was the de,oni alien parasite to defeat. PM wants something different. It is said that the master corradk would create a Golem, had to speak the letters whilst circling the mud shape a precise number of times in correspondence to all the figures quoted from the Sefer Yetzirah. The brain, that is wrapped in a cover, it is itself a cover for a superior brain.

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Gli alieni sono tra noi e vogliono la nostra anima: Intervista a Malanga






Alieni o demoni


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