Page 5: Introduction Chapter 1 Chapter 1. It features a unique circuit design and complete functions for data acquisition and control. It is for users to differentiate between the PCI and the PCI according to what they really need as the best solution with no extra cost. Page 7: Installation Guide Chapter 1 1. Page 9: Software Chapter 1 1.

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Shop Panel Mount Indicators. So you can easily construct a low-pass filter, attenuator orcurrent shunt converter by adding resistors and capacitors onto the board circuit pads. It meets the PCI standard Rev. The PCLD screw-terminal board offers convenient and reliable signal wiring for multifunction cards with pin flat cable connectors or DB37 connectors, such as the PCL series cards. Shop Cell Phone Accessories. Advantech analog input card meet your Aadvantech requirement.

PCIE offers isolated digital input channels as well as isolated digital output channels with isolation protection up to 2, VDC, which makes them ideal for industrial applications where high-voltage isolation is required. Shop Air Quality Sensors. Inputs accept either single-ended or differential signals. Both cards have onboard screw terminals for easy input wiring. This makes PCI very easy to program. Shop Fiber Optic Products. Shop Hall Effect Sensors. Advantehc to mechanical relays, SSRs are more reliable, respond quicker and are more resistant to noise.

PCI also provides one event counter and two bit timers, which can be cascaded to become a bit timer. Shop Solar Power Combiner. With this set, field wiring becomes much easier. By becoming an Advantech member, you can receive latest product news, webinar invitations and special eStore offers. Visit the Advantech Global websiteor choose your country or region below. This screw-terminal board also includes cold junction sensing circuitry that allows direct measurements from thermocouple transducers.

How Can We Help? Looking back on a successful Embedded World However, the buffered circuits offer a higher driving capability than the When the system has undergone a hot reset i. The ADAM series consists of universal screw terminal modules designed for field signal wiring in industrial applications.

Their advanced circuit design provides advantwch quality and more functions, including the five most desired measurement and control functions: Shop Fluid Control Systems. Shop Liquid Level Sensors. Design To Order Services. Recent Drivers.


Advantech PCI-1711 User Manual



Real-Time Measurement and Control


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