Did you find this review helpful? That was in large or RME. In addition, all notices that I consult before purchase were more than favorable. Then you should see the use you want.

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We located not too expensive today. I appreciate being able to route subsets of "slices" of Ableton Live 6 outputs to a mono microphone-dock. I will try other software in a short time. To save, I have a standalone digital recorder Zoom R24 24 tracks with 8 recordable simultaneously which works very well and is not expensive at all I highly recommend. Latency: Topic poorly understood and controversial. There is software to test it. For me, this is the time lag between when I press a key on the keyboard or breath in EWI and when the sound comes from the speakers.

This is what counts as a musician. And you should know that it depends not only on the sound card Board, it is better a 4 cores at 3. CPU speed plays a lot of latency.

And when I play a note on the bass, I do not perceive any latency. But the hardest part is to understand the music software that you will use, and make them work with the E-MU Ableton, I still find it hard to dip some aspects, but it just must READ the doc several times if necessary.

Manual: relatively clear. For cons, I struggled to find where it is written that if one uses a sampling frequency higher than Effects integrated into the sound card does not work any more. This is handy built-in effects, it consumes zero CPU.

I have not tried other external sound cards previously only integrated sound card for motherboards. It is almost prohibitive, but I did not know before purchasing. Yes I would do this choice, despite the problem that effects only work Did you find this review helpful? I do not know it was a big card and full opportunity ect.. With which the instruments or systems do you use?

For what purpose?


E-Mu 1616 Owner's Manual



Manual Cash Drawer - RCRD-1616M


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